Our Story

To empower confidence in baking amateurs and to ease them into the world of baking by providing ready-to-bake kits.

Learning to bake often takes time, experience and patience. Searching for suitable recipes and figuring out the right ingredients to buy can be completely frosting when you're new to baking. 

Packed with an easy-to-follow recipe, video tutorial and carefully curated ingredients, our ready-to-bake kit is perfect for anyone who wants to Bake It Easy.


Our Bake It Easy recipes are designed by Nicolas Ng (or as he prefers to be known, Nico), a pastry chef who professionally trained in French pastries in Ferrandi Paris, a leading professional training school in the culinary arts. He finished his training year at Four Seasons, George V, Paris under Chef Maxime Frederic, and participated in various demonstrations at the Salon du Chocolat, Paris. Nico has worked in various restaurants in Singapore and London since 2013, and was also a guest chef for World Gourmet Summit Singapore in 2019.

Nico wants to share his joy for baking, and he hopes that the Bake It Easy kits will ease amateur bakers into the beautiful world of baking.